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unconventionally intimate

Written & Performed by Alexandra LaPlante

Directed by Brooke M. Haney


Alexandra LaPlante is a fearless woman who loves falling in love. And she’s done a lot of it. With men, with women, with men and women. On land, in the Hudson, and at a sex club in Berlin. Unconventionally Intimate is the startlingly honest telling of her real life experiences  discovering what was possible when she threw traditional expectations out the window.



Quotes from people you don't know

“One of the most compelling discussions of human relationships I’ve seen in years. And also a really moving and funny play.”
— Max
Alexandra LaPlante brings to light truths we all have inside of us but that nobody actually dares to share. It’s like she is immune to the shame cultivated by society. I felt relieved and deeply connected to her stories, although some were way beyond my wildest dreams!
— Kate
Alexandra’s performance is a thoughtful account of identity formation. Antithetic in it’s indifference to the conventions of intimacy and sexual identity, yet vulnerable in how honestly it speaks to the challenges of nonconformity.
— Rob

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